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Eiiff.com is an online portal dedicated to shedding light on the global situation of finance. We have a huge visitor base among corporates, investors, finance professionals and all those who want to get better acquainted with the world of finance. Our thorough and enlightening account on a variety of vast domains, such as the economy, investment, insurance, finance, and funding keep you well informed about the global business scenario. We discuss at length the economic situation across the globe, taking a rigorous view of both advanced economies like the US and the developing nations. We also cover a number of domains related to stock markets, stock trading and global banks. In addition, we list the top investment, software, insurance, and marketing companies that have a sturdy global reputation. A discussion on different types of funds such as mutual funds, market funds, capital funds and more are also dealt with comprehensively.
And above all, we understand that our readers range from top professional and business students to layman, so we keep our text lucid yet highly informative to suit the need of all kinds of visitors. Our aim is to make you aware of the whole finance scenario without missing on the nitty-gritty of the subject.

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