Financial Aid

Numerous financial institutions provide different types of educational financial aid. Financial aid encompasses all the expenses needed by a student to complete his or her studies. Whichever institution chooses to help the student bears the cost of the student�s tuition, boarding, food, and other supplies. In order to receive this aid, a student has to prove his or her merit. There are certain conditions which a student has to fulfill before he or she can receive aid. Aid can be classified into certain categories which are:
Merit- based aid comes in the form of scholarships. These can be awarded by the college or a separate institution to a student who is exceptionally talented or has achieved a great accomplishment.
Need- based aid is provided on the basis of the student’s need. Both government and private institutions provide this type of aid.
Aid can also come in the form of a loan which has to be repaid after a certain period of time at a given interest rate. For more information one can go through the following pages:


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