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Aid Financial Texas encompasses all the important information about the various financial aid programs provided by the state of Texas. It is designed for the students in Texas who wish to pursue higher studies.The state of Texas provides financial aid through the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation, the Compendium of Texas Colleges and the Financial Aid Calendar.
The state of Texas supports various programs for the aid of needy students. These programs are available at most of the independent and government run colleges in the state. There is a Financial Aid Officer present at every college and the students must address their application to the officer if they wish to receive the services of the the facility.

Financial aid is available in the form of loans, grants and scholarships.The student applying for aid is briefed about the loan system and how much he or she is supposed to pay in interest rates. They are also informed about the grace period, a period of time before loan payments are to be made.

The Various Types of Aids Offered By the Foundation
The foundation offers different types of aids that may be availed by the students for pursuing higher studies. The aids are available at almost all the universities and colleges.

The Programs are:
The College Access Loans (CAL)- applicable for students who are Texas residents. The students must also have completed a course recognized by a university meeting their academic standards. The minimum monthly payment for the loan is $50 and the maximum time of payment is 10 years.
Variable Rate College Access Loans- HH Loans-the student must be a resident of the state. It is a low interest rate loan, which may be repaid in 10 years.
Good Neighbor Scholarship Program (GNSP)- this program is applicable to students who are non-residents of Texas and Cuba. Admissions may be sought in the public colleges and universities only.
License Plate Insignia Scholarship (LPI)- applicable for students who are enrolled half-time.
Early High School Graduation Scholarship Program (EHS)- this program provides a scholarship for up to $3000 to students who have fulfilled the eligibility criteria from a recognized high school. Students must be Texas residents.
Health Education Loans (HELP)- the loan program provided to students pursuing medical studies.
Nursing Scholarships- applicable for students who wish to take up nursing as their profession. Only in-state universities and colleges may take part in the program and it is only for the resident students.
Highest Ranking High School Graduate (Valedictorian) Exemption- available for international and national students who have been at the top of the class in their schools.
Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program (LEAP)- applicable for applicants residing in Texas, pursuing under graduate courses. The student has to show financial need.

Other loans available for the students are:
Robert C. Byrd Scholarship (BYRD)
Texas B-On Time Loan
Outstanding Rural Scholar Recognition Program.
Student Incentive Grant Program
Texas College Work-Study Program
Texas Educational Opportunity Grant Program
Texas National Student Exchange Program
Texas Tuition and/or Free Exemptions
Texas National Guard Tuition Assistance Program
Texas Public Education Grant
Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)
Towards Excellence, Access and Success Grant Program
To apply for the programs, a student needs to fill out the FAFSA application form. The TAAFSA is the Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, which also provides aid for the students who are in need of funds.

The state government of Texas provides a special facility to the students of the neighboring states of Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Students from the universities of these states may receive the opportunity to study at the reduced rate of tuition fees.

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