Foreign Aid

Overseas Aid may be categorized into many different types depending on the mode of its distribution. These include:
Multilateral Aid is transferred from a particular national government to global organizations such as European Development Fund, International Monetary Fund (IMF), or the World Bank.
Bilateral Aid is directly passed on from one country to another at the governmental level.

Foreign aid may also be classified according to various types:
Emergency Aid, which comes during natural calamities or human events such as war, in the form of food supplies, shelters and apparels.
Tied Aid, which is bound by certain terms and conditions in order to reduce the possibility of financial abuse and corruption.
Project Aid comes in the form of cash and good in kind, for supporting national humanitarian projects.
Untied Aid, in which the nation receiving the aid enjoys complete autonomy regarding its expenditure.
Program Aid, in which assistance is given for the development or improvement of a particular program in specific sectors of a country.
Food Aid, which is dispensed at the time of natural disasters.

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