Foreign Aid Africa

Foreign Aid Africa is essential for making the African economy thrive under adverse geographical and social conditions. Today, the majority of the foreign aid in Africa comes from the United States of America.

U.S. Aid to Africa: The General Condition
Because of the under-developed and poor conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa, the American government has tripled its financial assistance over the past four years. But, this has not seemed to improve the situation. Despite an increase in American aid, the funds given were not able to meet the existing financial needs of the African nations.

A general survey of the facts and figures of the U.S economic aid to Africa found that the amount of foreign aid distributed into Africa has increased by approximately 56% in terms of dollars, or 67% in terms of nominal dollars.

Most of these increases include food aid given for various emergencies, rather than assistance required to reduce poverty in Africa. There have been several occasions when financial assistance from the United States has helped Africa to combat both natural and man-made disasters.
Some examples are stated below:
Around 2004-2005, the release of funds from the United States helped Africa immensely to deal with the prevention and treatment of malaria, which had been claiming lives at an alarming rate in the continent.
America disbursed $16 million to the three African nations of Uganda, Togo, and Congo for various projects and for the eradication of the practice of child labor, which is prevalent in these countries in the worst possible form. It is assumed that this money will be utilized by these African governments to offer basic education and vocational training to the children. These services will thus aid in improving their overall situation.

African Foreign Aid: The Present Scenario
America has given a total of $3.2 billion in foreign aid to Africa thus far. In fact, a recent official announcement made on July 7, 2007 stated that America is planning to distribute another $764 million to Africa for emergency food aid.

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