Foreign Aid Israel

Foreign aid to Israel is an integral part of the economic activities of this Middle-Eastern country. Since 1992, foreign aid in Israel has caused the country’s economy to thrive, by offering financial support to a number of commercial activities and related projects.

foreign aid to Israel:
For several years, the economy of Israel has been surviving on foreign financial aids, the maximum of which comes from the United States. Since 1992, the United States has been offering Israel an additional annual amount of $2 billion in the form of loan guarantees.

In a study by several Congressional researchers, from 1974 and 1989, $16.4 billion of military aid coming from the United States has been converted to financial grants by Israel, as per agreement made between the two nations.

It is Israel’s timely repayment of such loans that has helped the United States to continue giving financial support to the country.Because of Israel’s punctuality in loan repayments.
The United States, since 1984, has adopted a policy that the total economic aid provided to Israel must be made either equivalent to, or more than, the country’s annual repayment of U.S. debts. When other countries receive American economic aid in quarterly installments, foreign aid to Israel is given in large amounts at the beginning of the financial year.
Facts relating to U.S. foreign aid to Israel:
In addition to the above-mentioned loans given to Israel, an additional amount of $1.5 billion private American funds are also annually disbursed in the form of $1 billion tax-deductible, private donations and another $500 million as bonds. These financial figures denote long and short-term commercial loans given by American banks, but they also indicate annual loan amounts worth $1 billion given to Israel in current years.
israeli foreign aid: the present scenario.
Today, in spite of having a higher per capita income and only .001% of the total world population, Israel still receives one third of the total foreign aid budget of the United States.


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