Legal Aid Society

Legal Aid Society is a non-profit organization that provides free legal aid to the low and moderate income community. The objective of legal aid society is to pursue justice for people in poverty.

Functions of Legal Aid Society

Some of the important activities of Legal Aid Society include providing legal advice, counseling and representation on civil matters to:
Low-Income Individuals
Senior citizens (age above 59 years)
Legal Aid Society also provide service on legal forms preparation and filing. One of the important activities of legal aid society is to assist people by arranging a lawyer for them.

Legal Aid Society also provides legal services in the areas of family law, fair housing, landlord rights, tenant rights, education and immigration.

Benevolent of legal aid service from Legal aid society
Homeless individuals, specifically those who are mentally or physically disabled
Victims of domestic violence
Families at risk of becoming homeless
School dropouts
Children in the juvenile court
People suffering from deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS
People in poverty
Senior citizens

Programmes of Legal aid society
Legal aid society organizes several programmes to promote legal justice among the people, specially low and moderate income community.
Housing Advocacy Program
Under this program, people can get the legal advice on matters like eviction, housing grievance and administrative hearing.
Low-Income Taxpayers Clinic
This program facilitates low � income individuals to resolve their tax problems.
Rural Counties Program
This program offers a wide array of legal services to low-income communities.
Volunteer Lawyer Program
This program is designed to train and support private attorneys. Volunteer attorneys can help individuals by processing their case files. Volunteer attorneys are also committed to speak with their clients by phone on various legal issues.

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