Public Aid

Public aid is the assistance, extended by the state, to the families with low income. The income of these families is so low that it cannot meet the needs of the affected individuals in time of crisis.
It is also rendered to the elderly. Public aid can be categorized into many sections.
Monetary help
Medical assistance for covering expenses related to prescription drugs and medical screenings and tests.
Financial help covering expenses of nursing home stay is also covered under this aid.
Food stamp program

In order to avail of public aid, there are certain eligibility conditions, which need to be fulfilled. However, the eligibility criteria differ from one state to another. Some states also provide assistance for spouses. Spousal assistance, is governed by the Spousal Impoverishment Act, which was introduced in the year 1988.

Monetary help is extended to individuals, who do not have enough money to carry out funerals and other social events (which need to be performed as an obligation). Public aid is granted to individuals, who become associated with a state aided institution. Illinois department of Public aid, is one such example. Illinois department of public aid was earlier known as Health Care and Family services or HFS.

With regard to medical assistance, public aid is provided in the following instances- Families with low income and who do not have health insurance are entitled to avail of the public aid; disabled individuals; elderly people without financial support to bank on; funding for prenatal conditions; for immunizations; for taking preventive measures; for transplant of organs.

To know more about public aid, as exemplified by the Illinois Department of Public Aid, one may visit the link given below:


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