Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management is one of the leading asset management companies of the world with a global presence. It caters to the institutional, as well as individual investors and provides them with a wide array of services and products related to asset management.

About Aberdeen Asset Management
Aberdeen Asset Management is one of the biggest names in the asset management business. It operates in all the parts of the world.

At present, the total worth of the assets that are being managed by Aberdeen Asset Management is over U.S. $194.2 billion.

Client Groups and Products and Services of Aberdeen Asset Management
Aberdeen Asset Management provides its products and services to the individual, as well as institutional clients. Among the most prominent clients of Aberdeen Asset Management are the entities like charitable institutions, governments, listed investment companies and the national pension schemes.
As far as the individual investors and the asset management advisors are concerned, Aberdeen Asset Management provides a number of profitable products and services like closed end funds and mutual funds.
The following products and services are provided to the institutional clients:

Global Emerging Markets
North America
Asia Pacific

Fixed Income
Liability Driven Investment
High Yield
Emerging Debt
Asia Pacific

Multi Asset
Multi Asset


Pooled open-ended funds
Aberdeen Sovereign High Yield Bond Fund (Austrian domiciled)
Portable Alpha Funds
Australian Domiciled Unit Trusts
Singapore Domiciled Unit Trusts
Common Investment Funds
Thailand Domiciled Unit Trusts
Ireland Domiciled OEIC
UK Domiciled Life & Pension Funds
Luxembourg Domiciled SICAV
UK Domiciled OEIC
Mackintosh High Income Fund ICVC

Pooled closed-ended funds
Australian Listed Investment Companies
UK Listed Investment Trusts
Canadian Listed Investment Companies
US Listed Investment Companies
Jersey Listed Investment Trusts

Unauthorized Unit Trust
Glasgow Integrated Pension Scheme Investments

Founded 1983; 33 years ago
Products Equities, Fixed Income and Property asset classes
Industry Investment Management
Headquarters Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Key people Roger Cornick, Chairman, Martin Gilbert, CEO, Hugh Young, Head of Equities
Revenue £1,318.9 million (2015)
Operating income £498.7 million (2015)
Net income £309.0 million (2015)
Number of employees c. 2,000
Website www.aberdeen-asset.com

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