Alliance Asset Management

Alliance Asset Management is a reputed company in the global financial services sector. The firm offers asset management, merchant banking, investment banking and several other services to the institutional clients consisting of several Fortune 500 companies and many other organizations.
Alliance Asset Management operates in the global financial sector and offers a number of products and services to the institutional clients. The company is maintaining its operations from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was established by Steven Canady to offer the whole world with innovative financial solutions.

The modern day business sector is very much volatile. This market can cause a number of difficulties to the client, as well as offer certain opportunities. Alliance Asset Management assists their clients in hedging the risk factors and using the opportunities properly.

Services Offered by Alliance Asset Management
The firm offers different types of financial services to the clients including asset management, investment banking and so on. The firm has huge experience regarding transitional management, equity financing, merger and acquisitions, corporate development and many more.

Alliance Asset Management offers products and services to the clients related to the following fields:
Business Services
Consumer & Retail
Real Estate
Energy & Power

Client Base of Alliance Asset Management
Alliance Asset Management deals with a broad client base. This client base ranges from big corporations to small companies.

Some of the clients of the company are as follows:
Fortune 500 companies
Small-cap public companies
Family businesses
Junior lenders
Senior lenders
Private equity groups

Asset Management Services
The asset management services of the firm concentrate on two specific fields. These are life sciences and information sciences. These areas are related directly with the development of the economy, as well as of the whole society. Before becoming a partner of any company or investing in any company, Alliance Asset Management considers several important factors that play a decisive role in the development of the company.

Primarily, the kind of management of that particular company and its capabilities are analyzed with due importance as the management plays an important role in the development of the company. On the other hand, the products of the company and the market capture by the company are also very important for the process. The amount of investment by Alliance Asset Management in any company generally starts from U.S. $50 million and the investments are made in the initial stages of the company.
Contact Details:
Alliance Asset Management
Corporate Headquarters
One Alliance Center
3500 Lenox Road
Suite 1500
Atlanta, Georgia 30326 USA
Phone: +1 404.419.2233
Fax: +1 404.419.2234

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