Allianz Alternative Asset Management

Allianz Alternative Asset Management is a leader in the field of fund for hedge funds. The company was previously known as AGF Alternative Asset Management (AGF AAM). They manage, structure and market funds belonging to hedge funds. They have a worldwide client base. Their industry network is excellent.
The operational area of AGF AAM was initially France. At present, the company has forged a new distribution arrangement with Allianz Global Investors (AGI). The company has also acquired Allianz Hedge Fund Partners, which is now known as Allianz Alternative Asset Management U.S. (�AAAM US�). AAAM has earned the unique distinction of being the only company within AGI credited with the handling of fund of hedge funds area.

Plus Points of Allianz Alternative Asset Management
The new mergers and acquisitions have opened up the horizon for Allianz Alternative Asset Management.

It will now enable them to spread their client base beyond the country of their origin. There has been an increase in the workforce of the company. The increased headcount coupled with an international presence is bound to reap benefits for the company.
AAAM expects to carry on its good work with the same dynamism, dedication and excellence that had set its parent companies apart. AAAM boasts of strong industry connections. It has access to the top ranking management professionals in the industry of hedge funds.
Advantages of Allianz Alternative Asset Management

Some of the advantages offered by Allianz Alternative Asset Management to its clients are as follows:
Proactive management
The focus of the management is the provision of stable returns on investment. The management also tries to ensure a low level of long run fluctuations.
Client based approach
The client is given special attention here. He is given timely and personalized briefings of the financial moves.
High quality risk management
Allianz Alternative Asset Management company boasts an efficient risk management strategy.
Product diversification
AAAM gives clients access to their diversified product service range.
Apart from this, Allianz Alternative Asset Management company offers one of a kind personalized liquidity terms to its clients.

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