Archon Group Asset Management

Archon Group, L.P. (Archon) is a mortgage loan company. It is also involved in investment management related to commercial real estate. Archon Group Asset Management is one of the several real estate services that are offered by the Group.
In 1996, Goldman Sachs and Co. established Archon Group, L.P. (Archon). At present, the company is involved in providing investment management services related to commercial real estate sector. The company has been working hard with the aim of increasing the value of the commercial properties and to offer huge returns to the investors.

The Archon Group, L.P. (Archon) is operating in a number of countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Presently, the company is managing assets of nearly U.S. $52 billion in these countries. The company is a big name in the real estate sector of the world.

By using their huge experience in the sector and their knowledge about various local market dealings, the company is quite successful in increasing the value of the client’s assets.
The regional offices of Archon Group, L.P. (Archon) are very helpful and playing a major role in designing effective Archon Group Asset Management services. These offices are helping the company in their understanding of the local market trends that is otherwise impossible. According to these trends, the asset management strategies are developed and value of the asset portfolios are increased.

Almost 2,000 professionals are providing their services under the company. The expertise of these professionals is making a huge difference. With the help of these professionals, the company has designed a number of services for the clients.

Some of these services are as follows:
Portfolio Management
Systems Integration
Value Enhancement
Financial and Tax Accounting
Loan Servicing
Due Diligence
Structured Finance

Apart from these, the Group has also developed a number of other services like mortgage servicing, mortgage origination, hotel and hospitality services, loan services, multifamily and real properties and lots more.
Contact Details:
Archon Group, L.P.
Irving – Corporate Headquarters
6011 Connection Drive
Irving, TX 75039, U.S.A.
Tel: 972-368-2200

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