Associated Asset Management

Associated Asset Management is one of the leading asset management service providers. The headquarters of Associated Asset Management are located in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm provides services to a wide variety of clients across the states of Arizona and New Mexico.
Associated Asset Management is one of the most dedicated asset management firms in the United States of America.

The company believes in providing the best possible services to its clients and has twenty years of experience in the field. It also manages the assets of over 370 organizations.

Community Services of Associated Asset Management

Following are the Community Services of Associated Asset Management:
Change from developer to association management
Taking responsibilities for all communications with the commercial, as well as residential property owners
Functioning with the client in order to employ directives of management
Maintenance of owner files and community files
Analyzing and blueprinting of CC&Rs, articles of incorporation and bylaws
Carrying on physical maintenance inspections on a consistent basis
Total accounting, as well as financial services
Maintaining and sustenance of properties of clients
CPA or degreed accountant for reviewing the financial statements
Helping and teaching boards of directors and committees
Regulation, as well as carrying out of reserve study processes
Abidance by and knowledge of the upcoming laws related to associations that are being formulated at the federal, as well as state level
Management of accounts that are to be paid
Looking after change of ownership in case of resale units
Gathering of assessments
Providing the clients with round the clock emergency service
Competitive tendering of vendor contracts
Consulting Services of Associated Asset Management

Following are the Consulting Services of Associated Asset Management
Analyze each and every governing documents and drawings for the association
Preparation of reserve budgets, as well as operating budgets
Preparation of specifications that are supposed to be used for the purpose of tendering maintenance contracts for each month
Functioning in coordination with external companies in order to prepare a reserve study for each and every association
Tender each and every maintenance contract based on specifications
Complete cash flow budgets on the basis of the built-out operating and reserve budgets in order to help with the determination of potential subsidies at the time of the build-out period of the development
Determining proper staffing for on-site master planned communities
Preparation of the working documents of the association. These include the design guidelines, fine policy, as well as the collection policy
Determining the proper staffing for portfolio communities
Provision of full service human resources department in order to recruit staff for associations as suitable
Determining of information technology that may be necessary for on-site offices in the associations
Ordering and coordination of the installation of information technology systems
Creation and consultation on the lifestyle aspects of associations

Contact Details:
Associated Asset Management
7740 N 16th Street, Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: (602) 957-9191
Toll Free: 800.354.0257
24 Hour Emergency Phone: 866.553.8290
Fax: 602.957.8802

Associated Asset Management
Founded 1990
Products Urban and Master Planned development provides
Industry Homeowner Association Management
Headquarters Phoenix, Arizona (Tempe)
Key people  
Operating income  
Net income  
Number of employees 530 team members

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