Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc

Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. is an auction firm. It specializes in recovering personal assets and business organization assets. It sells commercial real estates, residential real estates, retail business units, equipments and the like. It also handles the necessary paperwork involved.

More About Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc.
Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. simplifies the complex process of auction. The company employs seasoned professionals to sort out the difficulties. It also helps with the cumbersome and voluminous paperwork involved.

For persons or institutions faced with financial problems and tight deadlines, Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. is a godsend. Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. is an asset recovery firm.

It also offers asset management services.Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. was founded in 1979. It specializes in asset liquidation. The company is also a certified contractor of the U.S. bankruptcy court.

Brief Catalogue of Services of Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc.
They are Global Assets, Online Auctions, Commercial Real Estate, Sealed Bid Auctions, Signature Home Auctions, Private Treaty Negotiation, Foreclosure, Auction Fund Raising, Realtor Referral Auctions, Donated Vehicle Programs, Special Assets, Bankruptcy Trustees, Secured Creditors, Telecom and the like.
Brief Idea About the Process of Auction of Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc.
Public auctions: Public auto auctions are held every two weeks by the company.
Online bidding: It is a 24/7 hour service provided by the company. Information and pictures about assets can be posted on the company’s website. Online bidding facilities are also provided to the clients.
Sealed bid auctions: For specialized items and items in large consignments, the company narrows down on a list of interested buyers from its customer database. This increases the chance of a high return on the auctioned assets.
Posing real estates as marketable assets: Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. has the capability of turning seemingly unattractive real estate options into properties with high commercial value.

Contact Details:
Atlantic Asset Management Group
1195 Lance Road
Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone Number: 757-461-6867
Fax: 757-499-7071

Atlantic Asset Management Group
Products A multi-faceted, full-service Asset management and marketing firm
Industry Property Management Company
Headquarters Norfolk, Virginia

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