Austroads Asset Management

Austroads Asset Management is working with the prime aim of assisting their members in maintaining the roads at cheap rates. These roads are assets for these members and so they want to increase the value of these roads by reducing the expenditure on maintenance.
Austroads functions in the form of an organization of the traffic and road transport agencies of Australia and New Zealand. The member agencies of Austroads are working hard to provide the community with a developed transportation system. For this purpose, maintaining proper standard of roads is very much essential.

At the same time, factors like whole-life-cost plays a major role in the process. Austroads Asset Management helps their clients in reaching their objectives. The task force created for the purpose consists of members from local government, Transit New Zealand and several road agencies of Australia.

The company is operating in Australia and New Zealand. In these countries, Austroads is establishing the vital framework necessary for the process of road asset management. Through this framework, essential research work regarding the development and maintenance of roads and bridges at affordable expenditures can be done.
The Austroads Asset Management team is involved in preparing several technical reports that would be helpful for the purpose of road network management in an effective manner. At the same time, the company is providing the necessary tools and technical support for this purpose as all these things are essential for reviewing the already prevailing road network management policies.

Austroads Asset Management is also playing a major role in educating a number of organizations regarding the asset management theories and practices. For this intention, the company has been arranging a number of workshops and seminars. These are helping all those organizations that are working for the development in the network of roads in Australia and New Zealand.

Austroads Asset Management is also taking initiatives to establish a good relation between member agencies and the international bodies like World Road Association who are working for the development of road network asset management.

Industry Transportation Asset Management in Australia and New Zealand
Members RoadsandMaritimeServicesNewSouthWales
  Roads Corporation Victoria
  Department of Transport and MainRoads Queensland
  MainRoads Western Australia
  Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure South Australia
  Department of State Growth Tasmania
  Department of Transport Northern Territory
  Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate, Australian Capital Territory
  Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
  Australian Local Government Association
  NewZealand Transport Agency

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