Bear Stearns Companies Inc.

Bear Stearns Companies Inc. is the parent organization of Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.. The latter is a premier global investment solution providing firm. It was set up in 1923. The guiding philosophy here is based on strong moral and performance ideologies. The company boasts of a talented workforce.
Bear Stearns Companies Inc. has its headquarters located in New York City. In addition to this, the company has offices in San Juan, Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver and Dallas.Outside USA, Bear Stearns Companies Inc. has international operating centers at London, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Dublin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Lugano and also in Millan.

The guiding philosophy of Bear Stearns Companies Inc. is dictated by the adherence to the following principles:

Focus on innovation
Respect to all
Pursuance of philanthropy
Pursuance of integrity
Promotion of meritocracy
Service Spectrum of Bear Stearns Companies Inc.
Bear Stearns Companies Inc. provides a variety of services.

They are as follows:
Investment banking services
Brokerage services and
Security trading services

Clients of Bear Stearns Companies Inc.

The clients include:
individual entities
government bodies and
business corporations

Thrust Areas of Bear Stearns Companies Inc.
Bear Stearns Companies Inc. caters to a diverse client base. In the emerging and complex financial market scenario, Bear Stearns Companies Inc. has developed some specialized strategies in order to serve its clients better.

In brief, they are the following:
Redirection of their business strategy
Enhancing their technological capabilities
Extending their geographical area of operation.

The new business strategies of Bear Stearns Companies Inc. have identified some core thrust areas.

They are the following:
Global Clearing Services:
The company renders quality global clearing services.
Activities in the Capital Markets:
Here, the activities of the company are in:
investment banking
research analysis
projects on fixed income sale
Wealth Management Services:
Under its purview, they have service provision to private clients and asset management.
The new strategy of Bear Stearns Companies Inc. reinstates the interconnectivity among the different operational areas of the company.
Contact Details:
Corporate Headquarters, New York
383 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10179
Phone: (212) 272-2000

Technical Support Division:
Phone: (888) 807-6898
Phone: (973) 793-3000

Bear Stearns Accounts
Phone: (800) 634-1428
Phone: (347) 643-2578

Contact Employee
Phone: (212) 272-2000

Information Center
Phone: (212) 272-3939

Bear Stearns Companies Inc.
Traded as NYSE: BSC
Industry Investment services
Fate acquired by JP Morgan Chase
Founded 1923
Defunct March 2008
Headquarters New York City, US
Key people James Cayne
  Alan Schwartz, former CEO
  Former Chairman & CEO
Products Financial services
  Investment banking
  Investment management
Parent JP Morgan Chase

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