Coast Asset Management, LLC

Coast Asset Management, LLC is one of the top performing hedge fund administrators of the United States of America. The company serves a huge number of clients and manages almost U.S. $5 billion for the clients. For this purpose, the company follows market-neutral investment policies.

Coast Asset Management, LLC was incorporated in 1991 and at present, the company is operating from its headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Coast Asset Management, LLC offers the clients with different types of investment strategies regarding the hedge funds.

The firm is actually an administrator of hedge funds and follows market-neutral strategies to increase their financial assets and to provide both the institutional and wealthy individual clients with high returns. The firm has the necessary permission of the Securities and Exchange Commission to serve clients as an investment adviser.

The company is a provider of several types of investment strategies. There are four different hedge fund strategies that are offered by the company. These strategies are also very helpful in the hostile market conditions. These different strategies are also making the investment portfolio of the clients much more diversified. These strategies are:

  • Fixed Income Arbitrage
  • Special Situations Investing
  • Funds of Hedge Funds Operated by More than One Fund Manager
  • Credit Spread Investment Options

Coast Asset Management, LLC operates with a highly experienced team of professionals. At the same time, the company follows a disciplined approach in deciding their investment strategies.

Because of all these reasons, there are companies that want to invest in the firm. Summit Partners, another leader of the financial sector of US has recently purchased a small ownership in Coast Asset Management, LLC.

Both these firms are interested in working jointly and to develop themselves as much as possible. Both these companies are aiming at increasing the client base, as well as to create new investment opportunities for the clients.
Contact Details:
Coast Asset Management, LLC
2450 Colorado Avenue, Suite 100, East Tower
Santa Monica, CA 90404
CA Tel: 310-576-3500
Fax: 310-576-3512

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