Credit Suisse Asset Management

Credit Suisse Asset Management services are offered by the Credit Suisse Group. The group is one of the biggest global financial services firms. The firm is operating in a number of countries and offers a full range of asset management services and investment products to a diversified client base.
About Credit Suisse Asset Management
Credit Suisse group is one of the reputed financial services groups in the world. At present, the group is operating in nearly 18 countries of different continents. The firm offers a number of financial services to the clients including private banking, investment banking and asset management. The global network of the firm is used to provide Credit Suisse Asset Management services, as well as other services to the clients. These services and products provide some of the best investment strategies and management practices to the clients.
Asset Management Services of Credit Suisse Asset Management
Credit Suisse Asset Management offers an array of investment options to the clients. These options include a wide range of equities, multiple asset products, fixed income products and so on. At the same time, the company offers a number of alternative investment options that include real estate investment options, private equity products, hedge fund investments, volatility management and so on.

Credit Suisse Asset Management handles a number of investment portfolios and mutual funds for clients from different sectors and of different sizes. The client base includes several big organizations, giant corporations and even national governments. Simultaneously, the services are also offered to the individual clients. The company offers the following products and services to the clients:
Fixed Income

The company is operating in a number of countries and each of these countries has its own set of regulations regarding the financial services market. Because of this, the products and services are also designed according to the regulatory requirements and so the availability of the asset management products may differ from country to country.
Contact Details:
Credit Suisse Group
Paradeplatz 8
8070 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 212 16 16
Fax: +41 44 333 25 87


Credit Suisse
Founded 1856
Products Global Markets and Investment Banking & Capital Markets.
Industry Private Banking
Key people Tidjane Thiam (Chief Executive Officer, Credit Suisse)
  Urs Rohner (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Number of employees 50 countries and 48,200 employees

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