Halcyon Asset Management LLC

Halcyon Asset Management LLC ranks among the top asset management companies in the world. The company was incorporated in the year 1981 and its headquarters are located in New York. Halcyon and its affiliate organizations are collectively known as the Halcyon Group.
The company is a prominent global asset management service provider. The group offers asset management services to a variety of clients.

Halcyon has a firm commitment towards traditional, standardized, and disciplined operations; to the highest standard of services in the industry and concurrently to flexibility.

Clients of Halcyon Asset Management LLC

The clients of Halcyon include the following:

Prominent private and public pension funds
Financial institutions
Funds of hedge funds
Insurance companies
Individuals with high net worth

The clients of Halcyon are based in the following countries and regions:
United States
The United Kingdom
Latin America
The Middle East
Continental Europe
Asia ex-Japan
Halcyon Asset Management LLC got registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the year 1997. Halcyon functions as a privately owned organization and it is mainly regulated by 11 managing principals. The company carries out its operations with the help of more than 120 staff and among them more than 50 are asset management professionals.

The company is headquartered in New York and it also has branch offices located in Los Angeles and London.

The principal objective of Halcyon Asset Management LLC is to offer the investors top class performance from investments by adjusting the risks, reducing the withdrawals, and restricting fluctuation and market correlativity.

At present, the Chief Investment Officer and Co-Chairman of Halcyon Asset Management LLC is John. M. Bader.

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