Invista Real Estate Investment Management

Invista Real Estate Investment Management is a fast developing fund management group in the United Kingdom that was established in 2006. There are residential, as well as commercial properties that are managed by the group. At present, the group is handling 21 funds in all.
About Invista Real Estate Investment Management
Invista Real Estate Investment Management was incorporated in 2006. Majority of the company shares are possessed by HBOS. The company generated ?100 million through IPOs and started offering new funds by using this capital. At present, the company is managing 21 funds altogether. Among these funds, there are a number of funds that are some of the biggest investment products in the United Kingdom. Assets worth ?9.6 billion (till 31st October 2007) are managed by Invista Real Estate Investment Management. The company received the Property Fund Manager Award in 2007 for their better services to the sector.
Services Offered by Invista Real Estate Investment Management
The company offers the clients with fund management services related to real estate. The client base of the company is much diversified and consists of a wide range of unit trusts, life funds, pension funds, investment trusts and a number of other investment companies. As a manager of real estate funds, the company is spreading its operations in continental Europe also.
Innovative Funds
The company offers a number of innovative products to the clients. These new real estate funds are aimed at providing highest returns to the clients. At the same time, the research team of Invista Real Estate Investment Management plays an important role in the development of these products. This team is dedicated to increase the value of the investment instruments. In addition, there are several other market reports that are also consulted before designing these new products. At present, the funds handled by the company include the products like HBOS fund and funds from several institutional clients.
Separate Accounts
These funds are different from all the other funds that are offered by the HBOS Group. Invista Real Estate Investment Management is handling nine separate accounts for the clients. In these products, the clients are responsible for making decisions related to distribution on a continuous basis. The client also decides about the allocation of assets.
Collective Investor Funds
These funds are branded funds of Invista. These funds are provided as open ended funds, closed ended funds, unlisted or listed funds. The prime distribution channels for these funds are capital markets.
Contact Details:
Invista Real Estate Investment Management Limited
Exchequer Court
33 St Mary Axe
Tel: +44 20 7153 9300

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