Keystone Asset Management

Keystone Asset Management, Inc. is one of the top asset management service providers in the United States. It offers a variety of real estate management services to its clients. The headquarters of the company are located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The company was formed in 1995.

Keystone Asset Management, Inc. was incorporated in the year 1995. The company ranks among the leading real estate investment management companies in the United States. It functions as a full service one-stop resource for property valuation and real estate management services. The services provided by Keystone Asset Management are all-inclusive and cost-effective in nature and they serve a variety of needs of the clients.

Keystone Asset Management, Inc. carries out its operations with the help of its skillful employees and a network of exceptionally qualified real estate professionals. The company is headquartered in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Keystone Asset Management, Inc. has also entered into partnerships with attorneys and real estate professionals for the purpose of offering the best quality of service to the clients.

At the present time, the President of Keystone Asset Management, Inc. is Nick Salamone, who is also a co-founder of the company.
Products and Services of Keystone Asset Management
The products and services of Keystone Asset Management can be categorized into the following forms:
Default Management Services:
Pre-foreclosure value appraisal and maintenance
MLS information searches
Comprehensive interior CMA/BPO with marketing advices
Assistance for loss mitigation deals or transactions
Elaborated cost accounting
Monthly marketing statements
Negotiation of contracts or agreements
Title searches
Completion regulation
REO (Real Estate Owned) Services:
Servicing of Mortgage Loan
Real Estate Services
Title Services
Property Liquidation Services
Property Valuation Services
Color maps for every order without any additional charge
Photographs of the property in question and every corresponding property
Bulk pricing
Wide range of delivery procedures
Skillful and professional quality-ranked agents and brokers
3-tier rush program
Desktop revaluations of appraisals
Assessment offered on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or forms as specified by the company of the client
Tailor-made tracking statements supplied according to the requirements of the client
Contact Details:
Keystone Asset Management, Inc.
100 W Main Street
Suite 310
Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215.855.3350
Fax: 215.393.6018

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