LSV Asset Management

LSV Asset Management provides services to a huge number of institutional clients throughout the whole world. The company enjoys high reputation in the market for their management of value equity. At present, the company is managing assets worth U.S. $73 billion.

LSV Asset Management was incorporated in1994 and presently, the company is maintaining its services from Chicago, Illinois. The regional offices of the company are located at Norwalk, Connecticut. The company’s client base consists of a big number of institutional clients. The company is handling value equity portfolios for almost 420 clients through successful implementation of the proprietary investment model. LSV Asset Management is handling portfolios of nearly U.S. $73 billion (till 31st December, 2007).

LSV Asset Management follows the model of quantitative investment for taking any kind of investment decisions. These models are widely used by the firm for the purpose of selecting undervalued stocks. These models are very useful in locating those stocks that have enough potentiality and that are expected to grow in the near future. According to the company, such stocks are quite capable of yielding heavily in the future.

LSV Asset Management provides a number of investment strategies related to value equity to the institutional investors. All these strategies follow a unique process that is really useful in merging value with momentum features. At the same time, these strategies follow the philosophy of quantitative investment.

For every type of investment strategy of LSV Asset Management, the investment process, as well as the selection of stocks remains unchanged. The only difference is that the investment strategies are divided in several domains, sometimes termed as the capitalization ranges. The process of stock selection is revised regularly by the investment research team and if there is any scope, modifications are introduced.

The investment products offered by LSV Asset Management include the following:
Non-U.S. Large Cap
U.S. Micro Cap
U.S. Small Cap
U.S. Mid Cap
U.S. Small/Mid (SMID) Cap
U.S. Large Cap
Enhanced Index Strategies
Emerging Markets
LSV Mutual Funds
Global Value Equity
Specialty Value
Non-U.S. Small Cap
Contact Details:
LSV Asset Management
Investments & Client Service
One N. Wacker Drive, Suite 4000
Chicago, IL 60606
Tel: (312) 460-2443
Fax: (312 220-9241

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