Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM

The Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM prove to be valuable devices for the government of United States and many other countries. These solutions help the governments in ensuring effective digital content management.
About Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM
IBM, which is a global leader in the field of information technology has invented a number of media asset management solutions. These solutions have been innovated to assure efficient digital content management. The Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM are cost-effective and time-saving in nature.

At the present time, digital data protection and content management are important issues that are faced by the governments of different countries. The media assets and digital content serve a number of purposes for the government. So it is necessary that they are managed in a suitable manner.

IBM has come up with a number of digital content management solutions, with the help of which the governments can maximize the value of content. In this way, both audio and video content can be managed.

In the year 2003, IBM got the recognition of the Content Management Company of the year from Frost and Sullivan.
Advantages Offered by Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM
The Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM offer the following advantages to the clients:
A single point of contact is offered for the end-to-end solutions of the clients
IBM has an extended association with the leaders in Media Asset Management Industry, for example, Allure Fusion Media, Ancept, Telestream, Cool Sign, and Virage
For a long period of 75 years, IBM has been offering assistances to government agencies all over the world to utilize solutions and plans for dealing with various impediments associated with technology in a successful manner
The digital content management solutions offered by IBM to the government agencies are useful tools for digitization and protection of priceless data for long-term application in the future
Easy accessibility and distribution of digital content
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Media Asset Management Solutions from IBM

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