Municipal Asset Management

Municipal Asset Management is a leading fixed income portfolio management firm in the United States. The company was established in the year 1993 and it functions as an investment consultancy organization, which is enlisted under the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.
About Municipal Asset Management
Municipal Asset Management or MAM functions as a full service investment consultancy and portfolio management company, which specializes on fixed income investments only. It carries out its business operations in an independent manner and it is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. The products and services of MAM focus on an exclusive group of clients with high net worth.

Municipal Asset Management was founded by John J. O’Brien and Marcy A. Mashioff in the year 1993 for handling fixed income investments for both individual and institutional investors with big net worth.

The clients of Municipal Asset Management include the following:
Not-for-Profit organizations
Public agencies
Selective high net worth individuals.
At present, the President of Municipal Asset Management is Marcy A. Mashioff.

Products and Services of Municipal Asset Management

Following are the products and services of Municipal Asset Management:

All-inclusive fixed income market coverage, which includes agencies, treasuries, mortgages, corporates, municipals, asset-backed securities, as well as derivative products
Investment planning and portfolio management
Reconstituting and swap concepts
Portfolio analysis
Market expectation and portfolio entailments
Maximization of investment earnings and cash flow analysis
Quarterly analysis of performance from investments
Formulation and execution of plans (both short- term and long-term)
Continuous customer communication
Fixed Income Products
U.S. Government Guaranteed Securities (Ginnie Mae)
U.S. Treasuries
Corporate Bonds
Federal Agencies (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae)
Asset-Backed Securities
Mortgage-Backed Securities
Municipal Bonds
REITS/Preferred Stock/LPs
Money Markets
Contact Details:
Municipal Asset Management
50 Broadway, 25th Floor
New York, New York 10004
Telephone: (212) 935-8313
Fax: (212) 935-8491


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