National Asset Management Steering Group

National Asset Management Steering Group is a New Zealand based group that is working with an objective of promoting the asset management industry in the country. The group has developed a number of products and services that are quite efficient in providing a proper guideline for the sector.

National Asset Management Steering Group or NAMS was formed in 1995 to help the asset management sector of New Zealand grow steadily. The group provides the asset management companies with a definite guideline so that they can work according to that guideline and meet a specific standard. At the same time, the organization also arranges several training programs to help the industry professionals in keeping pace with the changing asset management sector of New Zealand, as well as of the whole world. The group has been designed as a platform that can be used by the companies to share important information regarding the asset management sector among them.

Services Provided By National Asset Management Steering Group
As an industry organization, which is non-profit seeking in nature, NAMS offers a number of manuals, guidelines and so on to the clients. Some of these products are as follows:
International Infrastructure Management Manual:
This is among the popular products offered by National Asset Management Steering Group and used by a wide range of asset managers throughout the world. The manual not only offers the basic knowledge about the principles of asset management, but also provides latest information regarding the new theories and practices going on in the international asset management sector.
Optimized Decision Making Guidelines:
This is very helpful for a number of professionals who are related with the decision making process of any organization. These guidelines are followed by those professionals while activities like acquisition of infrastructure, operations and many more take place. By using these guidelines, several complex economic analyses can be understood through simple methods. These guidelines are also very helpful in controlling the long term costs of a project. Because of this, the profitability of the company also increases.

Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Depreciation Guidelines and the Developing Levels of Service and Performance Measures Guidelines are the other products that are offered by NAMS.
Contact Details:
National Asset Management Steering Group
P.O. Box 118, Thames,
New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 868 3930
Fax: +64 7 868 3930

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