Natixis Global Asset Management

Natixis Global Asset Management is managing the asset management business for Natixis in the whole world. At the same time, it is working as the holding company on behalf of several investment management companies that are working jointly. The company is handling asset value of nearly $807.2 billion.

The asset management business of Natixis is spread out in many countries of the world. As a specialized asset management firm, Natixis Global Asset Management is handling these businesses of the company from 2006 onwards. The company is operating in several European and Asian countries and also in the U.S. There are a wide range of investment managers and distributors who are managing assets worth U.S. $807.2 billion (as of September 2007) for the company. On the other hand, Natixis Global Asset Management is also providing services as a holding company of a huge group of investment management companies. The company encourages exchange of innovative ideas and experience within the organization and this is helping in the development of the company itself.

Natixis offers a number of asset management solutions to the individual clients and also to different institutional clients. The funds designed by Natixis Global Asset Management are promoted by Natixis Global Associates in the global market. The cross-border business growth of the company is due to the expertise of the investment managers and also for the understanding of the local market. The company uses nearly 100 investment strategies for the purpose of investment management.
Funds Offered by Natixis Global Asset Management
A wide range of investment or asset management schemes are offered by the company. These programs are offered to both institutional and individual clients. Some of these asset management programs are as follows:
Locally-based Funds: Each financial market is different from others and so the needs and necessities are also different. Because of this, the investment or asset management strategies are also for different markets. These strategies are developed according to the specific needs of the market
Capital Guaranteed Funds: In these funds, the company assures their clients about the returns. The maturity date of the investments is pre-decided. These funds are related to the stock markets, stock indices, several mutual funds and many mor
Off-shore Funds: These funds are constructed with 28 sub-funds and offer different investment options. These funds provide equity and fixed-income coverage
Contact Details:
Natixis Global Asset Management
Communications Department
21. quai d’Austerlitz – 75634
Paris cedex 13, France

Natixis Global
Industry Asset management
Founded 2007
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Pierre Servant (Chief Executive Officer)
AUM €776.4  billion (2016)
Total equity €50,434,604
Owner Natixis

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