Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman was established in 1984 and at present, the company is providing services in 16 countries. The company has a significant degree of experience about different types of management services that are related to the business sector. The firm assists their clients to create a definite plan for achieving rapid growth.
About Oliver Wyman
Oliver Wyman was incorporated in 1984 and it is a major global asset management firm based in the United States. Oliver Wyman offers a wide range of management services to their institutional clients that include management of operations, management of different types of risk, preparing strategy for better development of the company and many more. The clients can take full advantage of the highly experienced professionals of the firm who can provide customized assistance for the clients. At the same time, the tools offered by Oliver Wyman can stimulate the performance of the clients.
Wealth & Asset Management Services of Oliver Wyman
The asset management services of the firm assist the clients to understand the market situation properly. Oliver Wyman helps the clients prepare an appropriate corporate strategy according to the need of their businesses. The firm also helps their clients take vital decisions regarding investments, distribution channels and so on. In addition, the clients are helped for reviewing the performance of their investments.
1) Product Strategy
As a part of the asset management services of Oliver Wyman, the clients are provided assistance for developing a proper product strategy for their business. This strategy includes a number of factors like investment in both traditional and alternative forms, promoting new products and diversification of the product portfolio, introducing the products in the market and many more.
2) Establishing Steady Distribution Channels
Oliver Wyman helps their clients to understand the market norms properly so that they can create and use a well thought sales strategy. The firm not only helps in creating a balanced sales strategy, but simultaneously it assists in setting up efficient distribution channels. The clients are also provided with information about new markets around the world.
3) Corporate Strategy
Oliver Wyman helps their clients in preparing an effective corporate strategy for better development of the business. At the same time, the clients are also offered professional assistance for corporate activities like merger and acquisitions.
4) Risk Management
Risk management is an important part of the asset management services. Oliver Wyman helps their clients to identify the risk areas and to develop proper hedging strategies. These risk strategies are quite effective for increasing the profitability of the clients.

Oliver Wyman
Industry Management Consulting
Founded 1984; became Oliver Wyman in 2007
Headquarters 1166 Avenue of the Americas New York City, U.S.
Key people Scott McDonald (CEO)
Services Management Consulting
Revenue US$ 1.8 Billion in 2015
Number of employees 4000 employees
Website www.oliverwyman.com

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