SAP Service and Asset Management

SAP Service and Asset Management Policies give organizations maximum returns from their assets. They are meant for capital intensive industries and give them a competitive edge. SAP Service and Asset Management Policies provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for the production process.

Benefits of SAP
SAP is used for
reduction of costs of operation
efficient capital expenditure management
better maintenance of assets and
improved utilization of assets

More About SAP Service and Asset Management
SAP Service and Asset Management is used by companies, which are resource intensive industries with a high capital to labor ratio. They are mostly from the following sectors:
Process Manufacturing
Facility Management
Mining and the like

SAP Service and Asset Management provides a cost-effective solution to businesses. It is an integrated solution. SAP software makes seemingly cumbersome processes of data management simple. There is no need for maintaining different incompatible systems through multiple interfaces since these often increase the cost to the company. Only SAP supports seamless integration of EAM with other heads like HR, analytics and financial matters, procurement, EH&S, inventory and many others.
Need for SAP Service and Asset Management
Companies need SAP Service and Asset Management to
decrease cost
meet regulatory compliance targets
maximize asset returns and
meet higher performance and production targets among other things.
Competition in today’s prevalent market situation has gained dizzying heights. To survive and excel, companies need to start by making a sound groundwork. They also need to ensure smooth functioning of the production process and optimum resource utilization. Emergency backup strategies and efficient information management also need to be there. Last but not the least, there should be a vision for the future.
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More About Asset Management

Business houses employ asset management techniques to
decrease the cost of asset management.
increase the lifetime of the assets
make way for faster decision making
ensure faster information processing
increase asset productivity and the like

New Approach to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
The new approach to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) takes under its cover heads like
investment planning
operational procedures
asset construction and design

SAP Service and Asset Management assists business organizations in
decommissioning and
repair of assets, products, facilities and equipments.

SAP Service and Asset Management services can be extended to customers for a fee. It can also be developed for maintaining the company’s own internal assets. Implementation of SAP Service and Asset Management helps in improving the bottom line performance. It also increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty of business organizations.


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