Silvercrest Asset Management

Silvercrest Asset Management Group is an investment management entity. It is an employee owned and registered concern. The company follows a client centric service approach. It also focuses on portfolio diversification and risk management techniques. Their clients include institutions and wealthy families.
More About Silvercrest Asset Management
Silvercrest Asset Management Company boasts of managers who have more than twenty five years of relevant experience. Financial markets are prone to fluctuations. Silvercrest Asset Management’s wealth management techniques guide investors through the highs and lows of the financial market with aplomb.

Silvercrest Asset Management promotes a personalized work atmosphere. It has an optimum scale of operation. Employee ownership coupled with team spirit and collegial culture lend Silvercrest Asset Management its uniqueness. The advices rendered by the company stand out by virtue of their integrity, independent strategy and unsurpassed quality.

Guiding Philosophy of Silvercrest Asset Management

In brief, the guiding philosophies of Silvercrest Asset Management are the following:
Creation of an environment for fostering constant innovation.
Recruitment, motivation and retention of a talented workforce.
Transparency in dealings .
Awarding topmost priority to client interests.
Adherence to ethics in business dealings
Promotion of competency among company professionals.
Promotion of team spirit, collective decision making and entrepreneurship in the organization.
Corporate Heads of Silvercrest Asset Management
Silvercrest Asset Management is headed by the following:

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman: G. Moffett Cochran Chief Operating Officer: Martin Jaffe

A Brief Overview of Some of the Products of Silvercrest Asset Management

Estate Planning and Financial Planning Here the consultants of Silvercrest Asset Management Company provide integrated, estate and financial planning solutions to their clients. They include tax efficient wealth transfer within members of a family, minimization of estate taxes and the like.
Investments Heightened investment results are offered here. The company proposes a mix of core proprietary investment options with prime outsource options.
Personal Accounting Services This includes making arrangements for aircraft, restaurant, limousine, shopping, hotel, spa and a host of other travel and entertainment options for clients.
Tax Planning and Wealth Planning Silvercrest Asset Management’s team of wealth planners and tax planners work in tandem to provide clients with optimum solutions. The consultant team specializes in providing customized solutions tailored to meet the objectives of the client.

Contact Details:
New York Headquarters
1330 Avenue of the Americas
38th Floor
New York, New York 10019
Phone: 212-649-0600

Charlottesville Office
614 East High Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Phone: 434-977-4420

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