Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini

At present, a number of Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini are being offered to its clients. These solutions are helping them enhance the value of their investments. Capgemini is a leading technology, consultancy, and outsourcing company based in Paris, France.
About Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini
The Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini are helpful devices for its clients. These solutions have been structured to assist the clients develop or enhance their asset management skills in a sustainable way.

Capgemini was incorporated in the year 1967. The headquarters of Capgemini are located in Paris, France. The company primarily serves the following industries:
Energy industry
Chemicals industry
Utilities industry
Automotive industry
Distribution industry
Consumer goods industry
Financial services
Manufacturing sector
Biotechnology industry
Media, telecom, and entertainment
Public sector

The services of Capgemini are available in over 30 countries of the world. At present, Capgemini ranks among the top five information technology and consultancy services provider in the world.
Advantages offered by Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini
The Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini offer the following advantages to the clients:

    • Evaluation or appraisal of the performance of the assets and the development the asset management activities in various corporate entities
    • Formulating asset management plans and governance framework targeted at optimization of the equilibrium between performance, financial return and financial risk as delineated by the important shareholders
    • Applying asset management plans in functional procedures and form or structure of the organization
    • Growing human skills, which correspond with asset management aspirations in the corporate sector; evaluating and educating manpower
    • Formulating and applying an Information Technology design and asset information pattern to encourage the asset management plans and activities
    • Applying and incorporating the asset management technology solutions modules that are associated with the prevailing DCS systems and ERP systems wherever it is suitable

Contact Details:

      Asset Management Solutions from Capgemini


      Cap Gemini S.A. ((Head Office)


      Place de l’?toile


      11 rue de Tilsitt


      75017 Paris


      Telephone: +33 (0)1 47 54 50 00


    Fax: +33 (0)1 47 54 50 25


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