TheoPacific Corporation

TheoPacific Corporation was incorporated in 1986 and is a reputed company in the US asset management sector. The company is providing various services including asset management, marketing and a lot more. These services are offered to a wide range of clients.
About TheoPacific Corporation
TheoPacific Corporation was established to offer professional services to the real estate sector. From 1986 onwards, the company has been involved in commercial activities like asset management, real estate development, project management (construction projects), real estate marketing and so on. The company has been working with a number of clients including individuals, as well as several big institutions. The company mainly concentrates on all those organizations that are passing through a transitional phase.
TheoPacific Corporation is based in Tustin, California.
TheoPacific Corporation has been playing a significant role in the real estate market of the United States and providing services as a real estate developer and real estate manager. It is also acting as a general partner for a number of clients and carrying out the fiduciary obligations for them. The company is also providing real estate brokerage services to a number of financial institutions, a wide range of individual investors, as well as several tenants.

Several owners and their investment portfolios are maintained and represented by TheoPacific Corporation. There are a number of owners who have properties that are yielding nothing. These non-performing assets are used properly by the company and through expert marketing and management skills, these properties are transformed into high yielding assets.

Services Offered by TheoPacific Corporation
Following are the services that are offered by TheoPacific Corporation:
Real Estate Asset Management Services
Project Management
Due Diligence
Property Management
Property Management Accounting
Facilities Management

Services Provided by TheoPacific Corporation as Owner Representative
Advisory Services
Transaction Management

Services for Special Real Estate Projects
Project Management
Lease Negotiations
Restructuring Real Estate Loans
Sales and Marketing
Policy and Procedures
Evaluation and Advisory Services

Contact Details:
TheoPacific Corporation
17291 Irvine Boulevard, Suite 254
Tustin, California 92780
Tel: 714 / 832 – 4511
Fax: 714 / 832 – 3508

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