Thornburg Investment Management

hornburg Investment Management is a top investment management company. It is an employee owned concern. The company was founded in 1982 and it is located in New Mexico. The company manages equity funds, bond funds and client portfolios. Consistency and commitment are the watchwords of this company.
More About Thornburg Investment Management
Thornburg Investment Management is an investment management concern located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Thornburg Investment Management manages
half a dozen equity funds
investment portfolio of selected business houses and individual entities
and eight bond funds
The organization gives utmost importance to its investors. The company is committed to the provision of quality service to its clients.

More About the Products of Thornburg Investment Management

Some of the Thornburg Investment Management products include:
Equity Funds
Daily Income Funds
Bond Funds
Money Market and the like

A brief description about some the products of Thornburg Investment Management is provided below:

Thornburg Equity Funds These are launched by the company at its discretion. Out of the box strategies are followed to earn risk-adjusted investment returns. The company merges flexibility with discipline for attaining this.
Value Fund Focus is on long term growth. Investment is primarily on domestic security options. The fund also tries to gain some immediate income.
Core Growth Fund Focus is on building an equity portfolio mix, which shows a high growth potential.
Investment income builder fund The fund is prone to periodic fluctuations. But it promises a return greater than the average returns on US stocks.
International Value Fund Main objective is long term capital growth by investment in international securities. It also tries to garner some immediate returns

Guiding Philosophy of Thornburg Investment Management
The company tries to increase the real wealth of its clients. For this, they employ innovative and well thought out investment strategies. These strategies aim at maintenance of quality, promotion of stability and risk minimization.

For investment in bonds, the company tries to match substantial returns with considerable stability. For equities, a comprehensive strategy is followed.
Contact Details:
Thornburg Investment Management
119 East Marcy Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 1-800-847-0200

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