Trillium Asset Management

Trillium Asset Management is an autonomous investment management organization. It deals in socially responsible investing (SRI). It was established in 1982 and it is a leader in its field of operation. They serve their client’s financial interests through SRI. They have an international client base.
More About Trillium Asset Management
Trillium Asset Management is a pioneer in the field of social investments. The company claims that investors can earn good returns through investment in socially relevant projects. SRI promotes both social justice and economic justice. Trillium Asset Management is an independent employee owned concern. It delivers personalized and quality service to its clients.

The network of four offices at Boston, Boise, San Francisco and Durham gives the company a better nationwide reach.

The company is a majority employee owned concern. The ownership aspect of Trillium Asset Management is dominated by women.
Meaning of Trillium
Trillium Asset Management’s social objective is depicted by the word trillium. They are the three components of its sustainability. First is ecology, which means a healthy surrounding or environment. Next is equity, which stands for social justice. Last but not the least comes economy. This means good commerce or business.

Client Profile of Trillium Asset Management
The client profile of Trillium Asset Management includes individual entities, as well as institutions. They manage
accounts of fixed income
balanced accounts
The company follows a client centric approach for its products. The solutions rendered are highly personalized. The company wants their clients to maximize their financial gains and side by side also promotes social gains.
Corporate Background of Trillium Asset Management
The company was founded in 1982. Since its inception, majority of the company’s ownership share capital was contributed by its employees. In 1997, Wainwright Bank & Trust Company of Boston bought 30% of Trillium Asset Management’s equity as a preferred stock.

Wainwright Bank & Trust Company of Boston is a leading socially responsible bank. Some of the issues addressed by it are
community development
advancement of minorities
empowerment of women
provision of affordable housing

Contact Details:
Trillium Asset Management Corporation
711 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02111-2809
Phone: 617-423-6655
Fax: 617-482-6179

Trillium Asset Management Corporation
Suite 711
San Francisco, California 94104-3310
Phone: 415-392-4806
Fax: 415-392-4535

Trillium Asset Management Corporation
353 West Main Street
Durham, North Carolina 27701-3215
Phone: 919-688-1265
Fax: 919-688-1451

Trillium Asset Management Corporation
950 W Bannock Street
Suite #530
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-387-0777
Fax: 208-387-0278


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