Asset Management Jobs

The number of asset management jobs have risen in recent years as a result of the significant growth in personal assets of the common person. There are many jobs in the domain of asset management.

All asset management jobs require persons with considerable work experience.
Asset Management Jobs
The asset management job opportunities involve supervising assets of the clients. In the present day financial scenario, the asset management jobs have become important, especially in view of the increase in the level of personal assets of people worldwide.

Types of Asset Management Jobs
Following are some of the various asset management jobs that are available in the domain of asset management:
Senior Manager – Product Development
Private Client Investment Manager
Product Development Executive (Equities)
Fund Analyst (Multi-Manager)
Representative Role
Middle Office Relationship Executive
Financial Modeller – Real Estate
Securities Lending Analyst
Fund Administrator
Senior Technology Manager
Senior Fund Accountant
Sales Position in Senior Wealth Management Business Development.
Fund Manager (Private Clients)
Derivatives Administrator – Asset Management
Business Performance Manager
Interest Rate Derivative and Structured Product Risk Analyst.
Analyst/Associate – Private Equit(Eastern EU).
European Portfolio Manager
Management Accountant/Business Analyst
Product Manager
Senior Business Analyst
Director of Marketing and Communications
Asset Gatherer (Business Development)
ABS Portfolio Manager Investment Management
Equity Analyst (Investment Management)
Credit Administrator – Fixed Income
Senior Equity Portfolio Manager (Private Wealth Management).
Risk Controls Analyst
Relationship Manager/Client Adviser (Private Wealth Management).
Basic Criteria of Senior Manager – Product Development.
The basic criteria that an asset management professional should meet in order to apply for the post of Senior Manager – Product Development are as follows:
Good communication skills
Experience in areas like product development, regulatory risk and compliance.
Commendable performance record in asset management.
Good understanding of factors like asset categories, as well as the basics of product development systems.

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