Asset-Liability Management in India

As globalization increases the need for asset-liability management, or the practice of tracking financial records to make choices based on changing rates of interest and liquidity, banks and other financial services in India face more and more risks.

These include:
Interest risk, resulting from changes in rates of interest on bonds
Credit risk, caused by failure of payment by debtors
Liquidity risk from the lack of cash or liquid assets for handling growth in assets or decrease in deposits
Market risk, brought about by adverse conditions in financial markets
Capital risk, associated with the adequate maintenance of capital on an ongoing basis
In India, asset-liability management is used by banks and finance, leasing, and insurance companies as the first phase of long-term strategic planning, as well as to monitor and lessen these asset-liability risks in a variety of ways. Some of these methods of risk management include:
The gap analysis model
Simulation model
Duration model
Value at risk method

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