Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management is a process, which comprises functions and opinions encompassing assimilating, commenting, listing, repositing, and recovery of digital assets, for example, animation, digital photographs, music and videos.
About Digital Asset Management
Digital asset management is a method in which the projects and determinations encircling assimilation, footnoting, listing, reposition, and recovery of digital assets, for instance, animation, digital photographs, music and videos are carried out.

The procedure of digital asset management is assisted by digital asset management systems, which are computer hardware and/or computer software devices.

In addition, the expression digital asset management or DAM denotes the protocols to download, rename, support, grade, classify, record, modify, preserve, thin, and transfer files.

Digital asset management softwares can be principally categorized into two forms: cataloging software and browsers. A cataloging software puts in or warehouses data in its distinct internal file, nevertheless, the catalog text file and the software it manufactures are separate from the photographs themselves. On the other hand, a browser interprets data from a file, however cannot warehouse it distinctly.
Uses of Digital Asset Management
A large number of commercial enterprises and corporate entities are implementing digital asset management in the form of a business plan as the handling of video, image, and other forms of media assets is a challenging task. Digital asset management is quite helpful in this regard because if it is efficiently utilized, it can save a substantial amount of expenses and time.

The principal objective of digital asset management is to systematize the collection, warehousing, and recovery of digital media.

Forms of Digital Asset Management Systems
Digital asset management systems can be broadly categorized into the following types:
Library asset management systems
Brand asset management systems
Digital supply chain services
Production asset management systems

Digital Asset Management Service Providers
Following are the leading digital asset management service providers:
Artesia Digital Media Group (Artesia DAM)
North Plains Systems (Telescope Enterprise)
Expression Media
NetXposure (Image Portal)
Extensis (Portfolio)
Celum Imagine
Canto (Cumulus)


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