Brett Weiss, P.C.

Brett Weiss P.C. helps their clients to get through a number of legal procedures related to the bankruptcy process. The firm is based in Maryland and is run by Brett Weiss with active support of Jackie and Dan. The firm is operating in the state of Maryland as well as in Washington D.C.

The Brett Weiss, P.C. was established in the 1990s. The firm aims at providing security to the individuals against the abusive debt collection practices of a number of financial service providers. The firm provides assistance to the debtors in filing personal bankruptcy petitions. It also defends the debtor’s rights in the process of bankruptcy.

Brett Weiss, P.C. assists the client in a different manner. The firm primarily analyzes the financial condition of the debtor. If there is any option of repayment, the client is suggested to do that. Bankruptcy is the last legal procedure that is suggested to the debtors. Brett Weiss himself handles his clients and uses his personal experience to help his clients in concluding the mortgage process with enough chances to get back the previous status.

Apart from preparing the bankruptcy documents and filing the petition, Brett Weiss, P.C. looks after the credit reports that are provided to the credit reporting agencies. Once the case of bankruptcy is concluded successfully, the creditors need to report the agencies that there are zero dues in the particular debtors account. On basis of this information the agencies provide the credit reports to the individuals. These reports are very important and so Brett Weiss, P.C. takes proper care of the accuracy of these reports.

Brett Weiss, P.C. is also involved in a number of other legal services related to the abusive debt collection practices of the creditors. At the same time, the firm also provides services for the foreclosure cases.

Contact Details:

18200 Littlebrooke Drive
Olney, Maryland 20832
Phone: 301.924.4400

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