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CBG Law Group PLLC offers services to clients who face bankruptcy. They also offer tax planning services. Persons facing bankruptcy are under considerable distress. CBG Law Group PLLC guides their clients on strategies to control the ever increasing debt. They provide free initial consultation.

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CBG Law Group PLLC is the answer for a person in bankruptcy. They provide effective debt management services to clients. CBG Law Group PLLC provides a free initial consultancy service to the clients. They counsel clients in debt on the options available for mitigating their financial crisis. They assist clients in maintaining their assets even in debt through well thought out personalized strategies.

The sooner clients in debt contact the CBG Law Group PLLC its the better. Since clients receive instant assistance in the filing of their bankruptcy papers. This is indeed the vital first step in putting to rest the harassing phone calls from one’s creditors and wage garnishment. CBG Law Group PLLC provides affordable services to clients.

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The system of bankruptcy was formulated to help people with voluminous debt. Bankruptcy gives these people option for
effective debt management
Maintenance of dignity and self respect
Credit rebuilding
The options available under personal bankruptcy are
Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Chapter 11 bankruptcy and
Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Debt can accumulate from one’s credit card or from one’s medical expenses or from some other miscellaneous expenditure. CBG Law Group, PLLC provides customized solution to clients after in depth analysis of their situation.

It can be noted that at CBG Law Group, PLLC Darrel B. Carter, an experienced attorney is at the helm of the affairs. He is a seasoned bankruptcy and tax lawyer. His mission is to assist people in their debt so that they can move on with their lives. Darrel B. Carter possesses membership of the State Bar Association in Washington.

Contact details:

CBG Law Group PLLC
11100 NE 8th Street, Suite 380
Bellevue, WA 98004 Phone number: 425–283–0432
Fax: 425–283–5560

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