Gandy Law Offices, P.C.

Gandy Law Offices, P.C. operates from southeast Iowa. It helps people in extreme debt with bankruptcy options. The firm provides an initial consultation to prospective clients for free. This free consultation lasts for 20 minutes. Customers can access Gandy Law Offices, P.C through a variety of medium.

More about Gandy Law Offices, P.C.

Gandy Law Offices, P.C offers an informative booklet and a DVD to prospective clients. Attorney Paul Gandy is the operational head of Gandy Law Offices, P.C. He is an industry veteran with over 17 years of relevant experience. He is a certified lawyer on consumer bankruptcy law in Iowa. He works with a competent team of dedicated members. Gandy Law Offices, P.C offers personalized client services in an informal atmosphere. Staffs at Gandy Law Offices, P.C try whole heartedly to give distressed clients in debt a new lease of life through effective debt management services like bankruptcy. The team at Gandy ceases to be judgmental about their clients. Their only interest lies in the best interest of their clients.

Relevance of Gandy Law Offices, P.C

It can be noted that the Iowa Bankruptcy law has undergone some major changes after October, 2005. Contrary to popular belief the bankruptcy option remains viable till date albeit the entire process eases out with professional legal help. This is where Gandy Law Offices, P.C. comes in with their value added services at reasonable rates. Under the new bankruptcy law the concerned procedure has become difficult and complicated .The paper work involved has also increased. All this calls in for professional help.

At Gandy Law Offices, P.C law practice on consumer bankruptcy in Iowa is conducted through
Direct client contact through office

Attorney Gandy of Gandy Law Offices, P.C has successfully represented bankruptcy cases in Iowa under Chapter 7 as well cases under Chapter 13.

Contact details:

The Amy Ram Building
504 N. 4th St. Suite 205
Fairfield, IA 52556
Toll Free phone: 1 (888) 874–0289

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