Implications of Bankruptcy

There are various advantages and disadvantages to bankruptcy. People can get an idea about the different implications of bankruptcy when they discuss their issues with their attorneys.
About Implications of Bankruptcy
The implications of being declared bankrupt include the following:
Relationships may be impacted negatively.
The procedure may be awkward or troubling
It can influence the financial future of a person
Properties might be sold off in order to repay the creditors
Applicants can’t apply for additional credit
Applicants may loose their jobs
Debtors businesses may close or be taken over
Immigration status may be impacted
It is not a secret, debtors may be revealed on internet lists or papers
Student loans and court fees are never canceled
Bankruptcy is a cause of social stigma
No new business can be started by a debtor
The credit rating of a bankrupt person might be spoiled for an extensive period, say 6 years


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