Bankruptcy Records

Bankruptcy records are documents that show the various details of bankruptcy cases. They are extremely important as they provide crucial information, such as the various names, birth date, and the previous addresses of the bankrupt, as well as details about trading and occupation. The date of discharge is also available.Cases that are three years old or less are covered by the records. Details on recent Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Fast Track Voluntary Arrangements,Bankruptcy Restriction Orders,and Bankruptcy Restriction Undertakings are also included in these records.

Searching for Bankruptcy Records

It is easy to access the records as they are available on the Internet and in the offices of the local authorities. These offices are open only on few days in a week and provide critical information. However information from the internet can be found at any time.

Voluntary Arrangements

The voluntary arrangements are important in the records. They include details like the name of the debtor and his most recent address. The details of arrangement are also part of the voluntary arrangements.

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