Central Bank of Brazil

The Banco Central do Brasil was set up on 31st December 1964 and was made as per the Law no. 4595. This independent federal body is presently included in the National Financial System or SFN.

Central Bank of Brazil – Major Responsibilities:

Central Bank of Brazil – Major Responsibilities:

The Banco Central do Brasil performs the role of a regulatory authority of the financial and currency market of Brazil:
Regulating foreign trade operations
Carrying out foreign exchange operations for the National Treasury and the public sector companies
Carrying out rules laid down by the Bank for Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Credit, and the Currency and Credit Superintendence or SUMOC

Accepting the voluntary deposits and reserve requirements of commercial banks
Supervising, organizing and regulating Brazil s financial system
Managing and formulating the monetary, credit and foreign exchange policies of Brazil
Central Bank of Brazil – Mission and Vision:
The basic mission of the Banco Central do Brasil is to make sure that the currency stays stable in terms of purchasing power and the national financial set up stays well-organized and firm.

The bank aims to establish itself as an absolutely necessary part of the national economy by 2014 and become an organization that receives greater acceptance from the public and is integral to the economic and fiscal stability of Brazil, as well as its sustained development.
Central Bank of Brazil – Values:
The values of the Banco Central do Brasil may be mentioned as below:
To be honest and vigilant in order to safeguard the principles and institutional interests of public administration processes.
To be proactive and take initiatives, find out the right areas of priority and focus on relevant and result oriented actions.
To keep improving the standards of performance and satisfy the expectations of Brazilian and global clients, by adopting the best practices followed around the world.
To provide information regarding processes and policies in a direct, precise and timely way to people within and outside the organization. Strategic and legal restrictions have to be kept in mind while performing these operations.
To give more priority to the interests of the organization over some groups or individuals and act according to its mission, strategic aims and vision.
To be ethical and respectful towards staff members, customers, collaborators, community members, suppliers, government and partners.

Central Bank of Brazil – Strategic Objectives:
Following are the strategic objectives of the Banco Central do Brasil till 2014:
To achieve the inflation targets laid down by the Conselho Monetario Nacional (CMN, National Monetary Council).
To better the regulatory framework for achieving its missions.
To make sure that the fiscal system of Brazil functions properly and regularly.
To improve relationships and communication with stakeholders, both, in and out of Brazil.
To increase the competence of the Brazilian fiscal system and take steps towards a more inclusive system.
To make the overall levels of governance, management and structure better ones.
To provide a currency supply that is commensurate with the needs of the common people.
To make the bank s internal procedures stronger.

Central Bank of Brazil – Events:
The Banco Central do Brasil holds several events that aim to address critical economic issues of national importance. The following events were held in 2011:
XIII Annual Inflation Targeting Seminar of the Banco Central do Brasil
VI Seminar on Risk, Financial Stability and Banking of the Banco Central do Brasil
Central Bank of Brazil – Board of Directors:
At present Alexandre Antonio Tombini is the Governor of the Banco Central do Brasil. Following are its deputy governors and the departments looked after by them:

Altamir Lopes Administration � Dirad
Luiz Azawu Pereira da Silva Financial Regulation � Dinor and International Affairs and Risk Management – Direx
Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos Araujo Economic Policy � Dipec
Aldo Luiz Mendes Monetary Policy � Dipom
Sidnei Correa Marques Financial System Organization and Control of Farm Credit � Diorf
Anthero de Moraes Meirelles Supervision � Difis

Central Bank of Brazil – Contact Details:
Following are the contact details of the Banco Central do Brasil:
Banco Central do Brasil
Setor Banc�rio Sul
SBS – Quadra 3 – Bloco B – Ed. Sede
Caixa Postal 08670
70074-900 Bras�lia (DF)

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