Central Bank of Philippines – Corporate Information

Originally set up on 3rd January 1949 as the Central Bank of Philippines, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas was re-established on 3r July 1993. It is backed by the New Central Bank Act of 1993 and the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

Central Bank of Philippines – Advocacies:
The following programs top the priority list of the BSP:
Economic information
Anti money Laundering
Overseas Filipino workers
Financial Literacy

Central Bank of Philippines – Facilities:
The following facilities are provided by the apex bank:
The Money Museum
The Economic and Financial Learning Center
The Metropolitan Museum

Central Bank of Philippines – Monetary Policy:
The monetary policy of the BSP is geared to keep the inflation stable and within manageable limits for achieving a sustained and balanced economic growth. The framework for targeting inflation was adopted during January 2002 and it had the same objective.
Central Bank of Philippines – Supervision
The BSP supervises banks and uses regulatory powers as have been mentioned in the New Central Bank Act and related laws. All financial organizations and non banking financial institutions performing semi banking operations are within the ambit of its control as well.

The following forms of financial markets are supervised by the BSP:
Foreign exchange markets
Stock markets
Fixed income exchange markets
Payment and settlement systems

Central Bank of Philippines – Banknotes and Coins:
The following banknotes are issued by the central bank:
20 Piso
200 Piso
50 Piso
500 Piso
100 Piso
1000 Piso

The BSP issues the coins of the following denominations:
10 Piso
10 Sentimo
5 Piso
5 Sentimo
1 Piso
1 Sentimo
25 Sentimo

Central Bank of Philippines – Loans and Credit Facilities:
The bank offers the following types of loans and credit facilities:
Emergency loans
Overdraft credit lines

In addition to these, the BSP offers asset management services.
Central Bank of Philippines – Research and Publications:
The research and publications of the BSP can be categorized into the following:
Regular publications
Media releases
Special publications
Teaching guides
Publications for subscription

Central Bank of Philippines – Regulations:
The BSP issues the following regulations on a consistent basis:
Regulations Search
Circular Letters

Central Bank of Philippines – Security Plant Complex:
The Security Plant Complex of the BSP was officially established on 7th September 1978. Its products can be mentioned as below:
Torrens titles

The Complex was created to ensure the safety of the printing, refining, minting, issuance, durability and distribution of the following:
Torrens titles
Treasury warrants
Gold bars
Stocks and bonds
Government official receipts
Government contracts
Lottery tickets
Bonds and stocks
Internal revenue stamps
Government contracts
Ration coupons
Seaman identification record books
Official ballots
Strip stamps
Election return forms
Official documents
Registration certificates


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