ING Group

ING Group, a financial institution of Dutch origin offers banking, insurance and asset management services. Founded in 1991 as a result of the merger between Nationale-Nederlanden and NMB Postbank Group, ING Group has its headquarters in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

ING Group, the numberONE FINANCIAL services company in the Benelux home market, renders a wide range of retail-banking services, insurance and asset management services. It is also regarded as one of the world’s largest financial services companies.

ING Group which runs with an asset of EUR 1,159 billion, covers 60 million private, corporate and institutional clients in 50 countries has its offices in Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, the United States, Germany, UK, Austria and Australia. Being one of the 20 largest financial institutions worldwide and ranked among the top-10 in Europe, ING Group employs over 115,000 people.

ING Group, a top-5 provider of retirement services and life insurance in the United States, also enjoys the title of the eleventh-largest company in the world Corporate :
The ING Group is one of the top 20 global and one of the top 10 European financial institutions on the basis of market capitalization. It is a 150 year old company and is spread across 50 countries across the world.

Activities :
The ING Group is engaged in 3 main lines of business:

  • Insurance
  • WHOLESALEBanking
  • Retail Banking
  • Additionally the Group provides Direct retail banking to individual clients in many advanced industrialized economies.

    In 2006 the ING Group’s turnover was Euro 73.62 Billion with profits of Euro 7.69 Billion. In the western European group of countries known as BENELUX, the ING Group is the topmost financial services company.
    In the United States the ING Group ranks among the 5 top companies that provide retirement services and life insurance.
    With assets worth over Euro 500 Billion, the ING Group ranks among the largest asset management companies globally.
    The ING Group maintains a well organizedINVESTOR relations set-up that provide the following services:

    • Quarterly Results
    • Share Information
    • Shareholders’ Meeting
    • Analyst Presentations
    • Financial Calendar
    • INVESTMENTS& Divestments
    • Listings
    • Ratings
    • Risk Management
    • Fixed Income Securities
    • SEC Filings
    • IR Publications
    • IR Contacts

    Assets and Infrastructure:
    Apart from offices spread out in different locations across 50 countries worldwide, the ING Group has its headquarters in an innovatively designed building that reflects its image as a financial services company, “innovative, transparent, dynamic, and sustainable”.
    Future :
    The ING Group has devised a clear strategy by focusing on the developing markets where its thrust areas for growth are:

    • Retirement Services
    • Direct Banking
    • Life Insurance

    The group is confident that its experience in mature businesses would go a long way in this objective.
    Organization :
    The ING Group is headed by Mr. M. Tilmant who is the Chairman of the executive board of the company. The group employs 120,000 people globally.
    The group employs 120,000 people globally.
    The ING Group’s head office is located at:

    ING House
    Amstelveenseweg 500
    1081 KL Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    Tel: +31 20 541 5411
    Fax: +31 20 541 5497
    Website URL:

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