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In this paper we will see that different banks offer different rates for Certificates of deposit (CDs). However, public should be aware of several issues, which will be discussed below, related with CD.The certificates of deposit are more advantageous than the normal savings account.
Through a certificate of deposit (CD) one can earn more money than what could have done through savings account, that is, a CD provides more options to let the cash work more effectively. Different banks offer different rates of CD.

A certificate of deposit pays a fixed rate of interest, obviously higher than the normal savings account rate, over a certain period of time. The interest rate is directly proportional with its duration and initial deposit. Durations normally range between 6 months to 5 years. During that time, the money can’t be accessed although it can be withdrawn.
The CD issuer will be penalized if he or she withdraws the CD before the mentioned period. However, the interest on the CD can be taken from the bank. People need to be aware of the following aspects before purchasing the Certificate of Deposit:
They should know maturity date of the CD.
They should have a clear idea about the rates of interest.
They have to examine that if the CD can be withdrawn early or not.
People should know the type of penalties for early, that is, before the completion of the duration, withdrawal.
And finally, how and when the bank will pay.

Bank Rate CD Calculator:
A certificate of deposit calculator is used to calculate the interest amount on a specific CD in dollar. The calculations are depend upon several factors like the deposited amount in the CD account, the interest rates etc. The interest rates will change with time, that is, for the first six months it may be x% while, for the next 6 months it may be (x+y)%, y depends on the bank. Therefore, the amount of interest will also change.

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