Bank Rate provided by FirstFed Direct

FirstFed Direct, which is a division of First Federal Bank, offers high interest rates on its’ Certificates of Deposits. The Internet Advantage Savings Account offered by FirstFed Direct also carries attractive rates of interest.
Bank Rate provided by FirstFed Direct refers to the interest rates offered by FirstFed Direct on the Certificates of Deposit and Savings Account.

The First Federal Bank was established long back in 1929. This Bank offers commercial banking facility, asset management services and several others financial services. The FirstFed Direct offers online banking facility to its’ customers.

Interest Rates offered by FirstFed Direct on Certificates of Deposit:

The First Federal Bank Certificates of Deposit carry attractive rates of interest. A certificate of deposit of 3 months maturity period can earn an Annual Percentage Yield of 3.40%.
The customers, who have certificates of deposit of 6 months Term Period, can receive Annual Percentage Yield at the rate of 3.51%.
The customers, who go for First Federal Bank certificate of deposit of 9 months Maturity Period, get an Annual Percentage Yield of 3.20%.
The certificates of deposit of First Federal Bank, which carry a term period of 12 months or 1 year, offer Annual Percentage Yield at the rate of 3.15%.

Interest Rates offered by First Federal Bank, on the Savings Bank Accounts:
Generally, Savings Bank Accounts earn less interest rates compared to the Money Market Accounts and Certificates of Deposit. But, First Federal Bank offers a specific Savings Bank Account, which offers high rate of interest and ensures high rate of Annual Percentage Yield. This particular savings bank account, offered by First Fed Direct is known as Internet Advantage Savings Account.

Holders of First Federal Bank Internet Advantage Savings Account receive Annual Percentage Yield at the rate of 3.40%. It can be said that the interest rate offered with this Internet Advantage Savings Account, falls among the highest level of savings account interest rates, available in the market at present.

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