Rural Credit

Rural Credit is provided by the different institutions operating in the rural or urban areas. The Federal Government has implemented various plans as well as programs pertaining to rural credit. Rural credit may be for different purposes depending on the requirements of the people living there.
There are many organizations, rural banks, cooperatives and non profit bodies, which help the rural population. The people living in the rural areas avail of loans or credit extended by these institutions. Rural credit is provided for many purposes.

One may avail of rural credit for purposes like:
Improvement of crops
For buying animals
For repaying loans availed of previously.
Rural credit is also availed of, for buying agricultural equipments as well as machinery.
For purchasing merchandise
Renovating or improving living conditions at home
Enhancing productivity

The Federal Government in the United States of America, offers several rural credit programs. Some of the well known rural credit programs launched by the US Government include:

Rural credit for Business:
Intermediary Re lending Program
Business And Industry Guaranteed Loans
Rural Economic Development Loans

In addition to the above rural credit programs, the Federal Government also extends several grants to the rural population.
Rural credit for Agriculture:
The Federal Government has many rural credit programs for the farmers too. There are many credit programs, which cater to the rural people depending on their needs.

Some of the programs are listed below:
Socially Disadvantaged Farmers And Ranchers Loans
Beginning Farmers And Ranchers Loans
Guaranteed farm Loans
Emergency Farm Loans

In addition to the above types of loans, there are Direct loans to cater to the needs of the farmers depending on their requirement.

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