Rural Business Loans

The Federal Government in the United States of America has embraced many programs for the betterment of the rural population in the country. Rural business loans are granted for various purposes. This article refers to the various types of rural business loans approved by the US government to the eligible business owners.
Rural business loans are provided by the US Government for the improvement of the business environment in the rural areas. Governance of various programs pertaining to rural development in the US falls within USDA or US Department of Agriculture.

The department governs rural businesses, community development projects, utilities and cooperative housing. There are many programs, which have been implemented for catering to the dynamic business framework in the rural regions. Some of the programs include:
Business Programs or BP.
Rural Development, Business and Cooperative Programs or BCP.
The BP or the Business programs work in unison with the community based institutions and the private sector. Beneficiaries of these programs include private companies, public bodies, non profit organizations, individuals, cooperatives, partnership ventures, corporations and Indian tribal people.

In addition to improving the rural business atmosphere in rural USA, creating job opportunities in the area is also looked forward to by the US government. Rural business programs led by the Government in the United States of America include:
Business And Industry Guaranteed Loans
Rural Economic Development Grants
Rural Economic Development Loans
Rural Business Opportunity Grants
Rural Business Enterprise Grants
Intermediary Re lending Program

There is another loan program meant for the rural businessmen and is referred to as the pre qualification loan program. Under this program, the following categories are eligible- business owners who are suffering from disability, businesses, which are emerging and new, borrowers with low income, exporters, veterans. This loan is also given to business owners who are running a specialized industry in the rural area.

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Last Updated on : 30th July 2013

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