Banks in UK

Banking Overview in UK
Catering to the economic need of the people of the city, the importance of the banks in UK as financial institutes cannot be denied. The Bank offers a range of resources and services to build awareness and understanding of its role and functions.

Services offered by Banks in UK

The products and services offered by the banks in UK can be broadly categorized into the following:
1) Personal banking
2) Business banking
3) Corporate banking
4) Free Internet banking, online bill payment, ATM/debit card facilities, monthly statement and so on.

Core Purposes of the Banks in UK

The Core purposes of the banks in UK is to provide :

1. Financial Stability: Entails detecting and reducing threats to the financial system as a whole.

2. Monetry Stability: Means stable prices and confidence in the national currency/money supply.

List of Popular Banks in UK

Given below is a list of the most famous banks operating in the UK:

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