CREF Bond Market

CREF Bond Market is a segment of which has been for ninety years helping people with their medical, research, cultural and academic plans for retirement. The company has a wide variety of financial products that are very useful in planning for retirement and lead a secured life after retirement.

The products of TIAA-CREF are the following:
Education savings
Retirement plans
After-tax annuities
Life insurance
Mutual funds
Individual retirement accounts

The services of TIAA-CREF are as follows:
Trust services
Brokerage services
Meetings and counseling
Planning tools and calculations
Beneficiary services
Services for plan sponsors

CREF Bond Market seeks a long term return rate that would be favorable. The company looks to achieve this mainly through a rich present income that would be in keeping with preserving capital. The principal value of the investments and the returns would fluctuate over time.

Thus, at the time of redeeming the accumulated units, their worth would either be more or less than what their original costs had been. Investing in the CREF Bond Market Account has its share of the following risks:
Income volatility risk
Interest rate risk
Prepayment and extension risk
Credit risk
Foreign investment risks
Illiquid security risk

The security products of this company are distributed by the Teachers Personal Investors Services, Inc and the TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC. TIAA-CREF is a non-profit organization and the bond market services it provides look to best serve the people with a source of income that is guaranteed for life.

The management of the CREF Bond Market Account is entrusted with the TIAA-CREF Investment Management fixed income portfolio management team. The above mentioned account is a variable annuity account and it seeks a favorable income in the long run. A minimum of 80% of the assets of the company are invested in a wide variety of debt securities. The company also has the capability of investing 20% of its assets in below investment grade securities and junk bonds.

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